Women in Leadership Development [WiLD] Program

A Professional and Personal Development Program for AEU women members.

Are you interested in participating in a program that will build your leadership skills and knowledge? Do you see a future in union leadership?

The Women in Leadership Developmental (WiLD) program was run as a trial in 2010 and 2011 with funding from the ACTU. The program is open to AEU activist women members in South Australia who hold a union position such as; Workplace Representative, Sub-branch Secretary, Branch Council Delegate, Branch Executive member, Women's Contact Officer, School Services Contact Officer, OHS&W rep, an elected position on an AEU standing or consultative committee, or who are active in AEU campaigns.

Program participants undertake four days of training in Adelaide and use a Moodle to connect and build on the learning of all participants between each face to face session.

The learning will be fun and informative, and most importantly, relevant to personal union leadership development goals.
Venue: AEU (SA Branch)
163 Greenhill Road
Parkside SA 5063
Cost: Free to AEU members
Open to: AEU women members only

Course materials and relief funding are provided by the AEU.
Travel and accommodation can be arranged for country members.

For further information please contact:
Tish Champion | AEU Women's Officer | [email protected]
Sam Lisle-Menzel | Union Training & Professional Development Coordinator | [email protected]