Permanency resources for teachers

In Term 2, 2022, the AEU ramped up its longstanding priority encouraging action by sub-branches to ensure more contract staff are converted to permanency, and more vacancies are advertised as ongoing positions. 

Departmental deadlines meant our actions focussed first on teachers. We shared the information on this page to assist in deciding who might be eligible.

Q&A from the policy

Should it be a permanent/ongoing position or a contract? 

  • wherever practicable, teachers will be appointed on a permanent basis to a specific school. Schools are required to declare ongoing positions; this is a professional and ethical responsibility 
  • temporary contract employment is available for genuine operational reasons to meet certain defined conditions, where permanent employment is unable to be offered

Ongoing positions will be described unless the criteria for a temporary position is met. For all vacancies resulting from teachers winning advertised teaching or leadership positions, or by teachers resigning, retiring, etc., it is expected that an ongoing position will be described by the school unless strong evidence can be provided as to why the resultant vacancy cannot be filled permanently.

When can it be a contract? 

A temporary position may only be declared when:

  • a teacher holds a right of return to the school
  • the school is undergoing a defined curriculum or major function change project
  • the school is undergoing enrolment decline and an ongoing position cannot be sustained
  • a teacher has an approved temporary change in time
  • there are special short -term funding arrangements
  • a position needs to be maintained behind an acting leadership position of 12 months or less.

How does conversion to permanency happen?

Sub-branches can make a recommendation to the PAC through the AEU PAC Rep. 

Principals, following consultation with the PAC, can make a recommendation to the Assistant Director, Workforce Management, to convert a temporary teacher to permanency, subject to the criteria being met. 

Then what happens and who’s eligible?

In order to ensure that the overall needs of schools and individual teachers are met, and in extenuating circumstances, the Assistant Director, Workforce Management may approve special arrangements for the conversion of temporary teachers to permanency.

In category 1, 2 and 3 schools, all country schools and agreed specialist subject areas, conversion to permanency can take place prior to the first rounds of advertising, if the following criteria are met:

  • the position is identified as an ongoing position by the school
  • the incumbent was appointed through established recruitment processes and has occupied the 
    position for a period of at least two years
  • there are no teachers available with specific placement rights through the permanent teacher 
    register (PTR) to fill the vacancy
  • the incumbent has demonstrated satisfactory to strong performance.