Information for members on the Government Offer dated 14 June 2019

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Getting our due Respect

It’s time to reclaim our profession and demand that we be heard by those who influence public education.
Respect  is our campaign to reclaim our professional voice and demand conditions, strategies and policies that can really improve public education and student learning outcomes.
Respect  is the campaign that will ensure AEU members are heard in the lead up to the State Election on 17 March and throughout our negotiations for new enterprise agreements.

The AEU has developed a position paper - Respect: Public Education Priorities 2018 and beyond that provides a well reasoned rationale for broad support for Public Education and measures needed to improve learning and teaching in preschools, schools and TAFE. Political parties will have to declare where they stand on:

  • Respecting the public education workforce
  • Working constructively with the AEU and the education profession 
  • Adequate resourcing of all levels of the South Australian public education system
  • Recognising the importance of equity in public education
  • Evidence-based reform
  • Reducing the high costs of education policy failure.

 To succeed in this campaign we must work together and stay strong when the going gets tough. This means:

  • recruiting new members to build upon our strength
  • ensuring broad member participation in AEU action at every site to support our bargaining strategy.

Download your letter to Hon John Gardner MP

How you can help

You may have noticed that Minister Gardner has been making several announcements about school infrastructure investment recently. We welcome these infrastructure investments, but we want to bring the Marshall government’s attention back to the importance of increasing the levels of human resources needed to address class size and complexity in our South Australian schools and preschools.

You can help us to achieve this by filling in this ‘Dear John’ letter to Minister Gardner, which is designed to quantify the class sizes and levels of complexity found in your school or preschool. Simply click on the letter (below) to open the PDF. Fill out the form by placing your cursor in the blue fields. To add your signature, press the fill and sign tool, then press the icon at top centre of your page. Press SEND and we will receive your letter.

Or download this letter, fill in the blanks, scan the ‘Dear John’ letter and email it back to us at: We will be collating the letters and presenting the evidence to Minister Gardner.

Please encourage your colleagues to complete this ‘Dear John’ letter too, so that with the weight of this compelling evidence the Marshall government will no longer be able to ignore the facts about class sizes and complexity within our schools and preschools.

Respect - Campaign Kit



•Background on the issues
•Campaign strategy
•Key dates for implementing the campaign in your workplace
•Tips for keeping fellow members informed and involved


AEU priorities endorsed by Branch Council

AEU Branch Council met on April 7 and endorsed the seven point plan that reflects the Union's priorities for 2018 and beyond.

The document is available to download via the link below.

AEU (SA) Respect the Education Profession (PDF)

What is Enterprise Bargaining?

Enterprise bargaining is a legislated process that occurs between unions and employers in order to make an enterprise agreement that operates to regulate salary levels and working conditions. Find more information here.

Launching the Respect campaign