Teachers Registration Board Legislative Review


The Marshall Government is proposing radical changes to how the Teachers Registration Board is run under the Teachers Registration & Standards Amendment Act 2019 (SA).

View the draft legislation here.

You can read the AEU’s submission based on feedback from members outlining our concerns about the changes here.

Why is this important?

The Teachers Registration Board was established as an independent statutory authority to regulate the teaching profession under the Teachers Registration and Standards Act 2004 and the Teachers Registration and Standards Regulations 2016.

All working teachers are required to be registered by law.

The Teachers Registration Board implements policies, sets professional standards and investigates complaints and grievances.

The Board consists of 16 members, and the Act requires at least half the members of the Board must be teachers. Within the current legislation members of the Board are nominated by the Minister for Education, Department for Education, Australian Education Union, Association for Independent Schools, Catholic Education Office, Independent Education Union and the Universities of the State.

All this is about to change.

What does it mean for me?

Major changes proposed as part of the TRB legislative review include:

  • Amendments to the composition of the Board so that there are NO minimum requirements for the number of teachers to be included
  • Remove the involvement of the AEU and other unions to nominate Board members
  • The introduction of another Code of Conduct
  • Amendments regarding notice of dismissal and/or resignation to be able to allege ‘incompetence’
  • Introduction of annual fees.

These changes will give politicians and bureaucrats the power to dictate over our profession!

Minister Gardner is pushing for these amendments to be passed this year.

ACTION – How you can help

We need your support now to stop these radical changes to the Teachers Registration Board.

You can send a letter to Education Minister John Gardner today calling for a halt to his proposed changes to the Teachers Registration Board.

Share this action with AEU members and other colleagues.

Let’s stand together for YOUR Teachers Registration Board!