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Hands off, Gardner!

Updated: 8 July 2020

The Marshall Government is proposing radical changes to how the Teachers Registration Board is managed under the Teachers Registration & Standards Amendment Bill.

Why is this important?

The Teachers Registration Board was established as an independent statutory authority to regulate the teaching profession under the Teachers Registration and Standards Act 2004 and the Teachers Registration and Standards Regulations 2016.

The Australian Education Union (then called the South Australian Institute of Teachers) was instrumental in the establishment of the Board, by the profession, for the profession.

All working teachers are required to be registered by law.

The Teachers Registration Board implements policies, sets professional standards and investigates complaints and grievances.

The Board currently consists of 16 members, and the Act requires at least half the members of the Board must be teachers. Within the current legislation members of the Board are nominated by the Minister for Education, Department for Education, Australian Education Union, Association for Independent Schools, Catholic Education Office, Independent Education Union and the Universities of the State.

All this could change.

What does it mean for me?

Major changes proposed as part of the Bill include:

  • Amendments to the composition of the Board so that there is only a requirement for three teachers to be on the Board. These teachers will be chosen by the Minister of the day.
  • Remove the involvement of the AEU and other unions to nominate Board members.
  • A reduction in the Board size to 10-14. It is possible that only 3 of the 14 Board members will be teachers – a smaller board and a significantly lower proportion of teachers.
  • The introduction of another Code of Conduct without a guarantee that teachers will develop this Code.
  • Amendments regarding notice of dismissal and/or resignation to be able to allege ‘incompetence’.
  • Introduction of annual fees without any provisions to limit fee increases.

If these changes are agreed by Parliament they will give politicians and bureaucrats the power to dictate to our profession!

You can read the AEU's detailed analysis of the Bill here. You can find the Bill here.

Sign the petition

Minister Gardner is trying to rush the legislation through to change the composition of the Teachers Registration Board.

We have launched a petition to present to Parliament in order to promote greater scrutiny of the legislation. The Legislative Council has now passed amendments to maintain teacher and union voice on the TRB, but these need to be considered by the House of Assembly.

We need you to amass as many signatures as possible on the petition before presentation to Parliament. Anyone can sign it, including members, non-members, support staff, parents and family members.

If you have not done so yet, we encourage you to download the petition, gather signatures and return to the AEU, using the advice below.

The petition can be downloaded here.

  • Print out the petition single-sided. Print out the first page and as many copies of the second page as you think you will need.

  • Ask everyone to sign it. Remember to take the usual precautions in relation to COVID-19, such maintaining social distance and not sharing pens.

  • Return the signed petitions to the AEU as soon as possible.
    We need original copies of the signed petitions, so do not fax or scan. Please post or hand-deliver.

  • You can return the signed petitions by reply paid post (no stamp required). Please post as soon as possible to allow for Australia Post delivery times.

    Australian Education Union (SA Branch)
    Reply Paid 71814
    PARKSIDE  SA  5063

  • You can hand deliver the petitions to the AEU, 163 Greenhill Road, Parkside.