National Support Staff Week 13-17 August 2018

"Secure Employment and the Living Wage"

How will you acknowledge and celebrate the work of support staff?

The AEU is acknowledging and celebrating the diverse work of ECW, SSO and AEW members and we ask you to do the same. 

Fighting for improvements in people's work and their working lives is important, so is acknowledging and celebrating the job they do. Here are some ideas on how your site can acknowledge and celebrate support staff in your schools and preschools:

  • Make sure National Support Staff Week is on your sub-branch or work group meeting agenda.
  • Hold a morning tea or special lunch.
  • Present SSOs, ECWs and AEWs with cards, certificates or awards that express your gratitude.  Why not do this at an assembly so parents can be involved too.
  • As your students, children and families to make and present cards, certificates and awards for support staff - they highly value and appreciate support staff too. Download a copy of the certificate here.  
  • Have displays and photos of support staff in their roles.
  • Make badges or special name tags with your children and students for support staff to wear.

Please send us your photos to so we too can acknowledge our members and their work in the AEU Journal or via Facebook and Instagram.


Important Survey on Permanency and Underemployment

We ask all SSOs, ECWs and AEWs to participate in a survey about permanency and underemployment (having enough hours to earn a living wage) to help us at the negotiating table to win improvements in these vital areas of your work and life.

Please complete the survey and share with your colleagues in order to provide us with the information we need to win this fight.  The survey is open to all SSOs, ECWs and AEWs.

The AEU is the only union working for SSOs, AEWs, ECWs, teachers and leaders.  

Our union is powerful when we all get involved.
Are you part of the Education Team?