Membership Fees Refund Policy

The purpose of this policy is to assist with the effective management of the operating funds of the AEU SA Branch, with the specific intention to encourage members to provide advice of changes to their membership details, in such a way as to limit the necessity for any refund of fees paid to the organisation.

Members have an explicit responsibility to advise the AEU SA Branch of changes to circumstances that result in a change to the fees payable. Neither the Department for Education South Australia, TAFE SA nor any other employer advises the AEU SA Branch of adjustments to employment- it is each member’s responsibility to advise the AEU SA Branch of any changes to membership details.

Consistent with Federal Rule 17 (4a. 4b), members retiring or resigning their membership of the AEU SA are required to give two weeks notice in writing.

Regardless of method of payment, fees continue to accrue until such date as the Branch receives written instruction from the member to cease the membership.

Where a member does not notify the Branch in writing and fees continue to be collected, the member has the capacity to write to the Branch Secretary requesting a refund. The Branch Secretary will authorise a refund to the member of any fees paid for the future in advance.

A member affected by this policy who believes that they have exceptional circumstances in respect of failure to notify the Branch of any change to their membership status may submit a written case for consideration by the Branch Executive.

The best way to ensure that you are paying the correct membership fees is to let us know when your details change- if you are unsure whether a particular change to your circumstances will be of importance, we encourage you at the time of change (or prior, where known) to contact the AEU SA membership staff.