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Sub-branch delegates to TAFE Divisional Council election


       Nominations open today for sub-branch delegates to TAFE Divisional Council.

Branch Executive casual vacancy election


       Nominations open today to fill a casual vacancy of a Branch Executive Officer (Female).

Branch Council Delegates election


       Nominations open today for Area Delegates and Alternate Delegates to Branch Council.

Federal Court decision on election


       Orders have been issued today in relation to the election conducted early this year.

It's Time to Respect Public Education


       Today thousands of teaching staff will be joining half day Stop Work rallies across the state to improve working and learning conditions in public schools and preschools.

AEU Formal Wage Claim Yet To Be Tabled


       The facts are that the union has yet to formally table a claim for the new Enterprise Agreement on salary increases.

29 November 2018 Stopwork declared


       A statewide half day stoppage has been declared on Thursday 29 November 2018. Members and the community are encouraged to attend rallies in Adelaide and around the State.