Early Childhood

In each preschool all staff including directors, teachers and early childhood workers work together as a team to provide high quality education for children. As a team, they share common interests in job security, working conditions, career development and salary justice. These common interests are best protected and improved by the AEU which works exclusively in the education industry. As a large and effective union, we are able to protect and improve your conditions and pay.

Some recent gains for Early Childhood members include:

  • Increased permanency for teachers, early childhood workers and school services officers
  • Substantial salary increases for all preschool employees through Enterprise Bargaining
  • Maintenance of early childhood leadership positions
  • Increased leadership administration time
  • Country incentives for preschool teachers and directors
  • Increased national recognition of early childhood education
  • Up to 20 weeks paid maternity and adoption leave for preschool employees
  • Securing Universal Access funding from the Federal government for 2018

AEU Early Childhood Consultative Committee

The Early Childhood Consultative Committee is a group of fifteen elected annually. The Committee provides information and advice to AEU Branch Executive on matters which affect members working in early childhood settings. The Committee is representative of the members who work in country and metropolitan Preschools, Child Parent Centres and Junior Primary Schools.