School Services Officers 

In each school all staff, including principals, teachers, School Services Officers, Aboriginal Education Workers, and groundspersons, work together as a team to provide high quality education for students.

As a team, teachers and SSOs share common interests in secure jobs, career development and salary justice. These interests are best protected and improved by the AEU, which works exclusively in the education profession. Membership of the AEU also enables you to share in the democratic decision-making processes at your site.

2019 Anne Nutt SSO Activism Award

Nominations have closed for the annual Anne Nutt SSO Activism Award.

To acknowledge the significant commitment and contribution of Anne Nutt, the AEU (SA Branch) and SSO Consultative Committee have created an award in her name. The AEU has received nominations from sub-branches for SSOs who have made a significant contribution to SSOs and the AEU.

The winner will receive a $1000 scholarship for professional development to be presented at the 2019 SSO & ECW Conference on the 18 – 19 July.

For information and eligibility criteria click here.

Download the nomination form here.


SSO Consultative Committee

The SSO Consultative Committee is a group of nine SSOs elected annually. The Committee provides information and advice to AEU Branch Executive on matters that affect SSOs. The Committee is representative of SSOs who work in country, metropolitan, primary, secondary, area, and special schools.

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