SA Branch Rules

The Australian Education Union is a registered organisation. AEU SA Branch Rules can be found on the Fair Work Commission website and is accessible via this link.

Proposed rule changes: Male Vice President

22 March 2022

In accordance with AEU SA Branch Rule 42 (3), Branch Executive recommends to August Branch Council the following set of rule changes to amend Branch Rule 7(1), Branch Rule 48(14)(k) and Branch Rule 54(1).

These proposed changes are published for the consideration of members. 

(Complete details of the current and proposed rules are published in the April 2022 Journal, page 4, available to members from 8 April 2022.)

  • An amendment to SA Branch Rule 7(1) deleting 7(1)(b) and 7(1)(c): 
    (b) the Branch Female Vice-President; 
    (c) the Branch Male Vice-President; 

    and replace with 
    (b) Two Branch Vice-Presidents, at least one Female.
  • An amendment to SA Branch Rule 48(14)(k) 
    Delete Male and Female 
    (k) The Branch Returning Officer shall next count the votes for the positions of Male and Female Vice-President and declare the successful candidates elected.
  • An amendment to SA Branch Rule 54(1) – Conduct of Election Where a Minimum Number of Women are Required to be Elected 
    Insert new (f) The Branch Vice-Presidents